Mittwoch, 16. August 2017 20:00 Uhr
Konzert: The Flamenco Thief (UK)

Flamenco im Rekorder? Sicher, was denn sonst!

Craig Sutton, better known as “The Flamenco Thief”, is an English guitarist who now by his phenomenal rise within the DIY music scene as one of the few artists counts of England who are constantly on tour.

Craig’s specialty is the quick rhythmic guitar playing. He has earned through mesmerizing live performances, where he together with a loop pedal from Boss RC used a Spanish acoustic guitar, through which he mixed modern rhythms with raised Flamenco techniques his special reputation.

Particularly clever Craig used his guitar In addition, as a percussion instrument by slipstreams metronomic hip hop beats by gentle drumming on the Guitarrenkorpus in the music. He produces a unique energy, which create only a few artists with only one instrument.

Craig’s early influences from ska, hip-hop and Gypsy-Swing can be heard by all his music away, and help to make a number of songs that are both aussagekraeftig and appealing.

Craig’s compositions give the heritage of flamenco recognition and witnesses of the same modern Musikechnologie: the result are songs that all hold in their own way a pleasant balance between classic and contemporary.

His eponymous, six songs long Debut EP (The Thief Flamenco) was published in England in 2011 and quickly enjoyed great attention, insbesodere by the BBC and NME that promote the artist to date and appreciate.

The album “Liberating Parts of the Cosmos” came out in 2013 and was a three-month European tour supported by 17 countries.

Since early 2014 the Flamenco Thief is the way to get back his reputation upright to be one of the hardest toiling musicians in the business of giving with the aim of a total of 250 concerts distributed within 10 months more than 40 countries.

Eintritt: 5-10 Euro