Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018 20:00 Uhr • Beginn: ~ 21 Uhr
Konzert: Dani Dorchin (Israel) | Vinyl & Visual: Torre

Dani is back in town at Rekorder. I remember the good vibes when he was passing through Dortmund, rocked the Rekorder and met him in Israel. We highly recommend and are proud to present Dani Dorchin: Dani Dorchin is a multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter performing as a one man band, combining electric guitar, harmonica, drums and vocals for a powerful effect of energetic, groovy garage rocknroll.

If you want to catch some good vibes be part of the opener Torre (Rekorder) with vinyl&visuals from Jordan/ Israel/ Palastine and his friend Dani Dorchin who gives you some rhythm and blues at its best! Check out the small Jordan gallery upstairs and rock your socks off in the basement. There is so much to experience.

Entrance: 5 Euro 20:00 Uhr

Welcome back Dani!!!